Lazy Boy Brewing IPA

Lazy Boy…just jumped out at me tonite as I picked up some veggies to make a lentil curry. “Locally Brewed,” they claimed. Where the heck is local because I’ve never heard of you. Everett, WA. I guess it’s kind of local. But what about those guys getting their Vermont bottle deposit back? Enough of that crap…I’m caring about what’s inside the bottle.

A lightly amber-hued IPA is what I found. The first taste had a slightly unpleasant sharpness to the bitter, but it really wasn’t overpowering, and I’m finding this IPA to be pleasant and refreshing. It is definitely not one of the uber-hopped mega IPAs, which is totally fine for me. The flavor does not linger, that bitterness slowly but surely fades to black.

Pretty good, the Lazy Boy is a great option to check out as an alternative to your standby IPA.

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