Musicfest NW

Alright cave-dwellers, time to explore beerdrinking venues for the merit of their tunes rather than their ales.  And lagers if that’s what you’re into.  The Musicfest NW is going on, and there are a lot of great acts to see.  Last night the Black Keys rocked.  That’s the only show I saw, getting a late start and opting out of the Dandy Warhols.  Tonite, there are so many bands conflicting that I am a bit conflicted myself.  Perhaps I’ll kick it off at Berbati’s at 9 with the Woggles, then either stay there for the Mooney Suzuki of head up to Fez for The Upside Down, who don’t seem to get enough credit around here…they are an extremely talented local band.  Of course, that’s if I don’t end up at the Crystal watching Viva Voce.  After my 10pm conundrum, there’s the question of 11—Stephen Malkmus or the High Violets?  I don’t know anything about any of the other bands, so que sera there.  And then at midnite I think I’ll drink a beer and catch the Silver Jews.  Or if I need a bit of twang on, Power of Country is tight.  But maybe Supernaut or Ditchliquor since at 1am I’m thinking of cruising over to Kelly’s Olympian for the ridiculously rockin Starantula.
Goddammit this wristband is throwing me for a loop.

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