Further adventures of the Kentucky Colonel

Halloween was a blast this year, here are some pictures of my adventures. For Halloween lunch, some I went to Popeye’s to check on the competition.

Inside, I investigated their operation. I did not expect them to use 11 secret herbs and spices. The key was to find out how many they were putting to use.

They weren’t cracking. It became apparent that I needed to dig deeper. So I got me a box o’ chicken and some mashed taters.

Having a highly developed sense of taste, it was no problem picking out the scant herbs and spices employed by the competition. But, the proof is in the pudding so I followed my research with some interviews with Popeyes patrons.

“Nobody expects the Spanish Revolution,” I hear. Well nobody expects The Kentucky Colonel to be sitting at a bar in SE Portland and have a giant chicken approach. But that’s just what happened. After a bit of a tussle I was able to get that beauty into one of my buckets.

After a long day’s work I retired to my estate to enjoy the fruits (and meats) of my labor.

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