Lagunitas Kill Ugly Radio

Beautiful Frank Freakin’ Zappa. You’d wish anyway, staring at that mug on the bottle, trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to get when you open it. Well, you don’t have to step too far onto a limb…those Petaluma brewers are pretty consistent at putting something together that’s in your face, but well integrated. The Kill Ugly Radio does not stray. Very fruity in its aroma, stinking pleasantly of apricot, this IPA (I think) guides you through the whole drinking process. BAM! I smell good! BAM! There’s a lot of flavor! Bam! oops, more flavor! BAM! I’m stickin’ around for awhile after you swallow…make your mouth water, boy! The aromatic and bittering hops both lean towards the heavy side. The body is a bit lighter than comparable Lagunitas beers, resembling a pale ale in presentation.

Kill Ugly Radio isn’t ground-breaking, it’s not, astounding, it’s not even a huge shift for Lagunitas (or me, for that matter), but it is a tasty freakin’ beer that is serious about being a beer. cheers.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like this is the second in the Zappa series, the first was Freak Out. This one is commemorating the album “Absolutely Free,” and the artwork is the stuff from the inside jacket.

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