Homebrew #1 part 2

Finally! The beer is ready to be tasted. And I don’t mean the stray cheat that I’ve been sneaking since last weekend, but it should be sufficiently aged at this point. So, here I go. The pour yields a thick creamy head, with slightly uneven bubble distribution. Whatever that means, just calling as I see ’em. The ale is fairly dark, and slightly anber-hued. So far, so good. The aroma is is distinct with that unfiltered scent so often associated with homebrew…perhaps slightly unpleasant to those new to it, one quickly becomes accustomed, possibly even nostalgic with it.

Taking my first sip (of this bottle), I am struck by how yummy this beer is! Sadly, the head mostly dissipated while I wrote the above paragraph, but that is only a slight detriment. The beer definitely carries a bitter flavor, but it washes away quickly like waves at low tide, leaving little aftertaste.

At first I thought there was something pleasantly peculiar about the flavor of this homebrew, and I think I’ve got it: there’s practically no caramel flavor. Beauty! That means that I could drink this all night. And I’m not saying that just because it’s mine and you can’t have any (unless you call me soon), but because it really is a quite tasty beer. It’s not up there with some of the others that I’ve reviewed, but for a reentry into homebrewing, it’s more than satisfying. And I will not claim this recipe as my own, as it came from a kit, as detailed in the first installment of this article some weeks ago.

All the info about where I got it, what kit it was, the various excitements surrounding it, can be found in the first article. I’m ready to give another a go…another kit this time, I think I’ll hang around the beginner level until I have the easy stuff…mostly cleaning, timing, and resource management…until I have it down pretty well.

In the meantime, I’m gonna finish this badboy up and drink the other one I stashed in the fridge.

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