Blue Ridge Amber Lager

Blue Ridge’s amber lager pours a nice, amber hued beer. The head dissipates quickly, making the fine carbonation of this beer visible. The aroma complements this tangy beer nicely, of which both the scent and flavor have a home-brewed element to them.

The body of this lager is full, introducing itself immediately to the tongue with a rich sweetness, and leaving behind a gentle bitter aftertaste. All the while, the flavor is integrated nicely with the carbonation. The effect is quite pleasant, acually.

As I travel nearer and nearer to the bottom of the glass, I am finding that I ejoy this lager more and more. The initial sweetness, while still present, is less syrupy (never overly so!) than I’d thought at first, has given was to a more complex texture, something of a porous liquid riding slightly above the tongue, exciting parts on its journey through the mouth. This is a truly interesting beer!

Blue Ridge Amber Lager is brewed by Frederick Brewing Company in Frederick, Maryland. They’ve been around since 1993. The amber lager has been recognized with several awards, and I’m thinking deservedly. Here’s a few: gold medal at World Beer Cup (2000), bronze at Cheers Magazine’s One World Beer Festival (1997), bronze at the World Beer Cup (1996), and it silvered twice at the World Beer Championships (1994, 1995).

If you haven’t decided to try this tasty treat yet, you’re probably reading the wrong article. It really is nice. Sad part is that it’s not readily found in stores in these parts of the woods, though I’m actually having thoughts of ordering it.

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