Catamount Pale Ale

My eyes grew wide at the first drink of this Pale Ale. A nice full flavor, complemented by its mild fruitiness makes for a fine, smooth drink. A gentle bitterness from fine Cascade hops blends well with with the pale malt, making an all-around pleasant beer. The color of this beer is, as implied by the name, quite light hardly even darkening the glass.

The light, fresh qualities of this beer make it a fine choice for any occasion. I suggest that it would make a great companion to outdoor events, be it relaxing on the patio, barbequeing, for after sports, or at the lake, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Catamount Brewery is proudly located in Vermont, as evidenced by the bold Enjoy Vermont on the labels of their beers. Catamount was purchased by Harpoon Brewery in 2000, and I’d say that the folks at Harpoon made a wise decision…though I haven’t yet tried any of their beers.

Overall, I strongly recommend Catamount’s Pale Ale. I’ll be reviewing the Porter in a few days, so we’ll see if that holds up as strongly. I’m looking forward to it though. In the meantime, I think I’ll have another Pale.

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