Bday Day

Yesterday was Nedra’s birthday, and the festivities were rolling. We spent most of the day doing bday related odds-n-ends. Like how I took Augie out to play soccer with me for a few hours, or how I slept in late because I’d been out bar hopping late the night before. I would’ve been in big troube if I’d woken with a disabling hangover.

Anyway, it was great fun. Nedra and some of her girlfriends made a crapload of Asian food like phad thai, sushi, garden rolls, and all sort of other good stuff. I made chili oil and a dipping sauce for the vaporware tempura. Amy and Dustin were the heroes though, having brought the grubbin Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake.

The party itself was quite nice. There was was plenty of food, and maybe not enough beer (hence the beer run I went on). Black Black was on the scene (technologically advanced chewing gum) so at the beer store I came across some triple-black clear ice beverage and had to have it. That’s even blacker than black black…almost Raider Black.

Everyone was having a grand ole’ time when they busted out the Cranium…yeah if I’d known it was gonna be that kinda party…. So Cranium takes a friendly, conversational party and turns everyone into ultra-competitive screaming actors. It was a beautiful thing.

Fun was had by all, far as I could tell. The blue team claimed victory and people started to take off. cheers.

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