Bigass Star Wars

Oh yeah! Went and saw Star Wars 2 last evening at OMSI on the bigass IMAX theater. It was beautiful. A tear welled in my eye when the Star Wars crashed onto the screen, and then the prologue scrolled past, up and into the screen.

The resolution was fantastic on that huge screen. You could see the pores on Natalie Portman’s shoulder. Had there been a chunk of food in her teeth it would’ve been the size of my head.

It wasn’t all a bed of roses though. While the panoramic scenes and space battles were fantastic, the dialog was often difficult to follow…the characters were often off in the periphery of the huige IMAX screen, making conversations have a tennis feel.

Some scences were cut from the IMAX reel as well. That was fine for me, as I’d already seen the movie and was just there for a cool ride. Go for that.

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