SxSW – what’s a beerdrinker to do?

N and I are heading down to Austin shortly to catch the SxSW interactive conference and spend some time with her sister who moved there from somewhere I didn’t want to visit about 6 months ago. So I think I can find my way around a conference. But what about the city? Any tips…beer, BBQ, texmex, or whatnot. Cheers.

PS. Just saw the Tron Legacy preview and it looks pretty awesome.

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  1. Beer: My favorite is the Draught House. Downtown, you should probably hit the Gingerman. The Dog and Duck is a nice British-style pub.
    Oh, I'm glad you asked!

    BBQ: It's hard to go wrong, but for some culture along with the food, check out Sam's Bar-B-Cue on East 12th, open 'til 4 AM.

    Tex-Mex: I always make a pilgrimage to Chuy's. Suspend your distaste for gaudy marketing, and enjoy the awesome food. Or Enchiladas y Mas if you need a real gut-bomb. Or El Azteca for retro Mom-and-Pop atmosphere. Like BBQ, you probably can't go wrong.

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