Devaluation good?

So, I’ve been working on an idea. Devalue the dollar. Print money. Lots of it. My idea is to print money and use it to help people pay mortgages. Bottom up principle. Save people’s houses. Keep the notes good. The banks stay solvent. Everybody’s happy.

Of course, what if you don’t have a mortgage? I guess that’s a bummer for you because your dollars are being devalued as well. I’ve been trying to think of a better solution. But it’s not all bad…if you rent, at least you won’t be evicted because your landlord can’t keep the house.

So, I’ve been liking this idea. I’m sure it’s flawed, and it is definitely incomplete. But it’s better than printing money and putting it into play at the top. In my idea, that money has a definite purpose, and it is inserted into the system in a definite way. It is accomplishing something and getting the wheels turning. By by printing money to put it into play at the top, to make it available for banks to lend out, do we really know what they’re doing with it? Are they actually going to do something with it? There is little control there.

Anyway, there’s my idea, let me know what you think, maybe we can make it a whole idea.

flickr too!

I finally broke down and got me a flickr account. Now I have photos at picasaweb, facebook, and flickr. So, now I have wonder…what goes where? I’m thinking that the picasaweb will continue to be my library-type space. Pretty much all my photos go there. Then facebook gets the goofy fun ones, the parties, whatever. And lastly, flickr will diplay my favorites. Some I think are good photos, some are representative of what I’m about, and some just end up there.

So now I guess it’s time to play around with my online galleries and see what really excels where, doing what. Any thoughts on that? How do you use galleries online?

The kids are all write

I’ve been thinking about social web stuff a lot today. The good folks at Nemo Designs were good enough to have a long chat with anners and me about their social interweb. But that’s just the setup, I’m not really going to go into that…it was interesting though.

What I wanted to hit on is the kids and their lack of email! Which is something that’s come up in conversation, and it came up sometime after the aforementioned meeting, but not during. So the argument that I hear goes something like this:

– Email is going away.
– Why?
– Because kids don’t use email.
– Huh?
– Yeah, they’ve studied kids and they use facebook and twitter and stuff and they don’t even have email accounts.

So, my response is…So what? I mean, did you have a mailing address as a kid? I don’t recall getting much mail. And most of it was highly temporal, non-transactional information. Birthday cards, Ranger Rick, um, I think that’s about it. I was way ahead of my time and couldn’t stand sending letters because the transit time was ridiculous and I didn’t want to pay for a stamp.
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Tears and hope

‘”Change has come” and we can all work together for a better and united future for all in our country and worldwide.’

That was my mom in the comments tonite. We had a fun little election party, and for the first time in a long time, we ended up happy, not just wiser.

And we cheered. McCain’s speech was great. That McCain may have won the election. He was honest, sincere, honorable, clear, and inspiring. For the first time since this all began I saw McCain make an effort to unite people, not just ignite his base. The cycle could have been far more exciting and far less scary.

And Obama spoke. Pericles, a great orator, perhaps someday Obama will be read, thousands of years in the future, and his words will be seen as the ones that brought a civilization together. He is a man who has ideas and can lead the people. Unite us. Tonight he attacked that divide and Obama will continue to attack the divide.

I had hoped for the 60 senate seats. Not that I believe a supermajority is a great thing. I’m far too moderate. But because I believe that things have gotten so bad that only in the face of utter defeat can we reach across to humble Republicans and say that we’re in this together. We’re not in total lockstep (as the last so many years have witnessed), we’re in a discussion. We are all patriots. Without superior firepower, I fear that the war will continue.

But…back to what my mom said. I watched Barack Obama speak tonight. It was wonderful. I drew near tearful on a few occasions. But I saw the comment from my mom. So much hope. It was beautiful, and it brought tears to my dry eyes.

“Change has come” and we can all work together for a better and united future for all in our country and worldwide.


2000. Oh, the disappointment. Later and later it got at the Yukon Tavern, drinking Pabst after Pabst, watching the states black out one after another. The red carpet on the walls and the mannequin legs dangling above. Great conversation as we drifted further and further into desperate (to know!) drunkenness, and then even further into it with desperation not to know.

2004. Doin’ it bourgeois-style at Everyday Wine. Grimmer and grimmer. The wine bar closed when it was grim, but there remained hope. Kieran and I went to The Spare Room, an unbelievably surreal bar, to watch the remainder of the election. We’d expected to be among celebrators, many members of The Greatest Generation drink there, but instead we had a soul-searching time carousing and commiserating with a unique blend of folk. Things changed when they opened up the speakers and a small older lady did her karaoke version of The Candy Man Can. I am still haunted. Rest her soul, she’s no longer with us, but that memory is strong. I hope that she smiles after tonite, wherever she is.

cheers, and Godspeed.

Just Do It

Okay, last email here.

Hopefully I can make it count.

The topic for today is what are you afraid of?

I’ve had a lot of conversations with people who “don’t like either candidate” but are voting for McCain.

My question for them is — Why? What’s wrong with Barack Obama? Sometimes you don’t trust him, sometimes he’s not experienced enough, sometimes, you can’t really express it.

What has Obama ever done to break your trust? He has run an extraordinarily open and honest campaign. On experience, even if he truly was inexperienced (which he’s not), isn’t it about time that we move away from the political dynasties?

“I’m a uniter, not a divider.” This quote from George W. Bush is the most important difference, in my opinion, between the two candidates and their campaigns. While McCain and Palin have attacked, spreading lies (really. lies. Palin is a liar.), mistrust, doubt, and fear, Obama/Biden have been direct. They have sought to unite. They have plans.

After 8 years of neoconservative power, we have found ourselves in a downtrodden state. We’ve been at war. Many believe that we should never gone there to begin with. We’ve alienated allies. Our economy outlook is frightening. Jobs are moving overseas, or just going away. I believe that the administration of the last eight years has been a failure in nearly every way.

Obama/Biden have plans. And while they can’t please everyone, they’ll at least have respect. McCain’s plans are almost identical to what we’ve had over the last eight years.

What are you afraid of? Vote for change, and a united America. It really does matter.

Please watch this video:

While I’m at it, California friends please vote no on 8.