Minister Rick

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Got my Universal Life Church ministry certificate because a couple friends had asked me to perform their wedding services. This past week was the week. The first was on Sunday, and the second on Friday. I’ve been just a wee bit busy with all of that…meeting families, drinking beer, BBQing, clamming, crabbing, camping, cooking, eating, driving, playing hookie, and petting my dog and smooching my lady.

Both weddings were super fun. The first was a bit more intimate at the Leach Botanical Gardens. That place is a hidden gem in deep southeast. Great people, great food, and a bit of an edge from it being my first time and all. Matt and Christine chose a hand fasting ceremony, which is pretty neat. It’s an ancient tradition, and pervasive through many cultures…basically family and friends came up and tied ribbons around their linked hands, each ribbon having a particular meaning.

From Hilla-Mott Wedding

The second was a bit bigger, held in the couple’s backyard. Friends and family pulled together to make it happen, from booze to catering to cleanup (in that order?). We danced and were merry, I tore the ass out of the pants of my new suit doing some silly maneuver. But it was at the end of the second wedding, so that’s how it goes. I did change into my kilt rather than exact further damage to my pants or pride.

From Clutter-Jacobson Wedding

Both had plenty of beer to drink too, and both began serving prior to the ceremony. But just barely in the case of the latter because we somehow ended up with an incompatible tap. Ouch!

4 Replies to “Minister Rick”

  1. Reverend Rick, i like the sound of that. Sadly, i’m more likely to need your services for a furnal than another wedding.
    By the way ask your father who torn the seat out of his yux at his OWN wedding.
    also, are those ears of corn in the foreground of the last pics.

  2. Ricky, I always knew you had many talents and abilities, but this is a surprise addition to those. I think it is great you officiated at your friend’s weddings.

    UM, it was you who tore his pants, and it was definitely the pants fault?? The rental shop got that tux back when you opened their door and threw it in and ran. p.s. – we don’t want to hear any talk about Reverend Rick at your funeral.

    Sherry (mom)

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