Winter beerfest

Off to the winter beerfest. Personally, I find it too crowded and the beer too strong to stay long, so I try to get in early before it’s completely packed. But gotta get a few tastes in.

Further adventures of the Kentucky Colonel

Halloween was a blast this year, here are some pictures of my adventures. For Halloween lunch, some I went to Popeye’s to check on the competition.

Inside, I investigated their operation. I did not expect them to use 11 secret herbs and spices. The key was to find out how many they were putting to use.

They weren’t cracking. It became apparent that I needed to dig deeper. So I got me a box o’ chicken and some mashed taters.

Having a highly developed sense of taste, it was no problem picking out the scant herbs and spices employed by the competition. But, the proof is in the pudding so I followed my research with some interviews with Popeyes patrons.

“Nobody expects the Spanish Revolution,” I hear. Well nobody expects The Kentucky Colonel to be sitting at a bar in SE Portland and have a giant chicken approach. But that’s just what happened. After a bit of a tussle I was able to get that beauty into one of my buckets.

After a long day’s work I retired to my estate to enjoy the fruits (and meats) of my labor.

Alaskan Amber

Alaskan Amber is an easy-drinking amber that tastes good. Light on hops, and full of sweet malt without being sticky or thin, this gorgeous amber-hued nectar is a pleasure. The head pours thin but full and dissipates quickly, but the body remains consistent.

I wouldn’t call Alaskan Amber spectacular, it isn’t riddled with layers of flavor or surprising subtlety, but it is a fantastic go-to beer. Which is nice because I often find it at pubs and pizza joints as the only non-Bud, non-Hef offering on draught. And it does go well with pizza.

The bottle and the website refer to Alaskan Amber as an alt. As an example of an alt, it seems to diverge fairly significantly from the classic alts, but doesn’t defy the mold. I suppose that why they call it an amber, of the alt style. Alaskan Amber is well-balance, drinks well, and doesn’t linger on the tongue with bitterness.

Imagine this

You’re in the Pearl District meeting some folks, it’s going to be hours. But you need to park, and it’s the Pearl so you have to pay to park. Two hours max. So you figure out the green monster and get your two-hour slip, and stick it to your window where it will eventually be sucked inside the passenger door. You pull out your cell phone and make a call: “Remind me to pay parking in two hours,” and go off to your meeting.

Two hours later, you receive a page: “Pay parking.”

The amazing thing is this is no longer hypothetical. Not only that, but it’s free. By linking Jott with Sandy, you can do just that.

Jott is a free service that transcribes your calls and sends them as messages to email or various services. You just call the number, tell it who to send the message to, and it send the message.

I Want Sandy is a free service (Portland-based!) that accepts messages in English and converts them into notes and reminders. It’s the same people as stikkit.

By linking the two, you end up with a very powerful reminder system.

Update: Here’s a page that has better instructions, and it looks like the Jott site’s been updated to include the Sandy hookup link automagically.

It always has to be the wrong way

There have been a number of tragedies involving bikes and motor vehicles around Portland recently. Very sad for all involved, I truly feel for the families of the victims, and for the drivers of the vehicles as well. But setting up bicycle stings at innocuous intersections is just not the right way to go about fixing the problem. Why are the victims being punished?

Cyclists, watch out at Flint and Broadway, the man is waiting to swoop in and wreck your beautiful day.


In response to NaNoWriMo, an event in which you write a novel in a month, Defective Yeti came up with NaNoReMo (same but read a novel in a month). The event starts today, and the book is Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I just picked mine up at Powell’s and have read a whopping 2 pages (~15/day is the target).

So I’ll be reading along and writing my ficlets.