still light

have to keep the cast on an extra week…I go in Wednesday 8:30am. Yay, cuz it’s starting to get a bit nasty.

Organic Brewfest

plagerized from an email Nader sent me:

This Friday & Saturday (June 8th & 9th) Roots Organic Brewing presents the 2007 North American Organic Brewers Festival, at Overlook Park on N. Interstate and Fremont.

Similar to many other pdx beer fests, admission is free and tasting cups are just $5 (you can get $1 off if you bring a validated Tri-met pass – handy since this is right on the MAX yellow line, and you don’t want to drive home after tasting a ton of good beers – or a can of food for the Oregon Food Bank); 4oz. tastes are $1 each (I don’t know if they’re doing tokens, tickets, or straight pay as you go).

light posting

sorry to have cut back so much…one-handed typing is a pain in the ass. Looking to be freed 6/20.