Water Street Brewing & Ale House

Visiting my dad up north in Port Hadlock, we cruised to Port Townsend for the afternoon to grab some lunch and walk around.  On a previous trip, we’d stopped by for beers and I remembered the food looking good, so I suggested we stop by Water Street for some grub.

The Water Street has a great feel to it.  A bit hippy, a bit hipster, it’s a really nice local joint.  The folks there are having fun doing what they’re doing, creating beers and serving up some fun bar food.  There were a few specials…I ended up with the jalapeno & avacodo burger with a side of rings.  Most of the foodstuffs are classics with some variation to make it their own.  The burger was that way, and it was cooked fantastically.  A light char on the outside, and very juicy on the inside, the juices were absorbed well by the bun it was served on, a hearty roll that stayed firm as it grew moist.  The fries looked fantastic and had good flavor, but lacked the crisp battered texture that their appearance promised.  Not bad, but I was happy that I’d ordered a side of rings, as they were light, golden, and sweet, served with a flavorful chile jelly or somesuch.  It was tasty no matter what.  I’ll figure the fries were a fluke and say the food is really good after one visit.

But what do we really go to a Brewhouse for?  The tacky decorations!  Well, either they were still hanging around from xmas, or they’re preparing for the Strange Brewfest coming up 1/27-28 this month.  It looks to be a good time and if I didn’t have important prior obligations (likely involving beer drinking) I’d probably show up here for some fun sampling.  Actually, the place was pretty tastefully decorated, and for the Portland-familiar I’ll relate it to maybe the White Eagle and the old New Old Lompoc.  Not sure why, but if you made me say it felt like something, that’s what I’d probably say.  But you’ll have to torture me, and will you really know that I divulged honest information?

Speaking of torture, a new season of 24 started tonite.  And there’s already been a bunch of torture! Plus, Jack killed a guy really brutally, so when he says he can’t do it, we know that really…he can.  I mean jeez.

But back to the brewhouse.  I asked the nice guy asking us what we wanted how the IPA was.  He replied that that’s the reason he got the job there.  To get the employee discount on the IPAs.  Sounds good to me, so my dad and I got one (each.  duh).   He was nice enough to take care of N with her hot tea first, but then our beers came up quick.  And they were pretty good.  Pretty good body, hoppy and flavorful with an assertive aftertase.  Pretty bitter, and not shy about it.  But, my dad, not one for bitter aftertastes seemed please, and I enoyed it as well.  As I progressed, the beer and I became a bit better buddies as well.  It seemed to open up a bit, like a wine as it warmed and breathed, so give it a chance, don’t quaff.  And the ale went really well with my burger, both strong, both differnt, but neither drowning out the other, sorta like Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd in Moonlighting.  Sorta.

So, I’m a fan of the Water Street, and on my infrequent visits to the area, you’ll likely catch me swigging a pint of their micros.  I do need to get to the Port Townsend Brewery (Brewing?) as well, I picked up their bottles and had a couple tonite.  They were pretty decent, I’m curious to see what they deliver live.

And, in case you choose not to just take my word for it, you’ll find Water Street Brewing and Ale House at 639 Water Street in Port Townsend, WA.  cheers.

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