Good eatin’ weekend

Oh, man, we got styled this weekend for the foodstuffs! Friday, N and I cruised over to our friend Treung’s place for some risk, where he’d ordered a TON of chinese food. Oh man, it was good, and so much variety! Chinese like that is fun when you aren’t ordering because you get to try a bunch of new things. Some beans, shrimp, chicken, oh my!

Saturday, after waking up late and hungover from playing Risk until 4am eating Chinese food and drinking Wild Turkey, we picked up my car and cruised over to Mike and Leona’s place. Mike is quite the gourmet. We opened the meal with parsley salad with bone marrow. It was fun scraping the marrow from the bone and spreading it on the bread before applying sea salt and salad.

After the salad we had beef tartar. Whoa…that stuff was really good! It had the raw egg, and yes, it was hand choped raw beef. It was only lacking raw bacon. He served it with a bunch of condiments…capers, cocktail pickles, dijon, onion, peppers. And no matter what I did, it tasted great.

He then busted out the beef shortrib stew we’d been watching simmer. Whoa. How nice! Amazingly delicately flavored for a stew. I’d been figuring on entrails after the first two, but it was pretty much standard ingredients, and a bit sweet.

Then on Sunday, after waking stuffed and happy, we went snowshoeing, followed be a dee-lish meal with Sean and Nichole. They made some gorgeous swine in the form of a mustart-basted tenderloin. Flavorful and creamy. Alongside that were some tasty taters and beans. And they literally forced cheesecake down our throats as we vegged to Family Guy.

So, looks like I scored this weekend. Drop a line if you’d like to invite me over and feed me good food and I’ll say something nice about you on my blog. And bring beer and/or wine. cheers.

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