Bum toe

Sitting on my ass today because I had surgery this morning.  Nothing too significant, but I am missing the rest of the soccer season.  Three season, I guess.  There was some bone matter and cartilage mucking up the joint in my big toe.  My kickin’ toe.  I asked to bring the pieces home in a jar but I guess it’s hospital policy no to alow that.  I was good and didn’t play soccer last night in hopes of not bashing it up worse than it is.  Good times, now I’m hopped up on vicodin or something.  No dancing for ricky this weekend, I’ll just be hanging out drinking beer.  I guess it could be worse.  cheers.

2 Replies to “Bum toe”

  1. Sorry to hear that You needed fixing, so young 😉
    But You can always check out the Polish Festival [http://www.portlandpolonia.org/festival/index.html] they will do your favorite Polka dancing for You.

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