Class Reunion

So I’ve been in Oakdale and Modesto the last few days for my high school reunion.  15 years holy crap.  I think I’ll submit my denial in the existence of time right now, and if you’re the noting type, please note that.  But that’s not what I’m here for today.  I need to send props to my classmates for being a super-cool bunch of people.  I saw a ton of people (metric) who I haven’t seen in a long time.  Some 15, some more.  A few less.  I don’t think it will be that long again.  I have to send props to Christie and Robin for makeing the whole thing come together too.

An event like that is totally surreal.  We’re all different than we were 15 years ago, but not that different.  And our differences are smaller and less arbitrary than back in the proverbial day.  Being there, waiting in line to get in, remembering faces, names, and personalities was very heady for awhile.  I made a few rounds and eased back into the groove.   The beer (easy drinkin swill) may’ve helped a bit too.

Don’t hate me, but I’m one of those who actually remembers high school fondly.  Not pining for it or anything, but I had a good time.  It was a tough time, one of changes and conflict and really stupid mistakes, self-discovery on a grand scale, but also freedom and joy and a sense of new.  And tension.  That is when I became aware of the bonds between people, and those bonds were this tension, that pushed and pulled, twanged and snapped.  Not the tension of Johnny Cochran’s closers, or that quiet moment right after a domestic squabble in front of guests, but tension where the relationships are stronger than the people, and exist outside of them.

So we danced and drank and were merry.  Tony grabbed the mic, and Frankie rocked and Denise danced, and I laughed with Dave and harassed Natalie and sidelined with Debbie and screamed with Manita (and got some sweet photos with her and Brandy (E)) and wow, I can’t go through it all, I saw too many people who mean too much to me.  And we had a blast—I’m speaking for everyone.  Except maybe the spouses.  What a rough gig a reunion must be for the spouses.

A lot of us hit the Cow Track afterwards for more revelry.  Thanks for the lift Brandy (J).  You rock.  I had a few more beers, got more ridiculous, and made the switch to water.  Cow Track closed and we cruised by Danielle’s for a little after-after party.  Thanks for the lift Irvin.  More water, Rick slowing down.  3am yoga.  Irvin busts some inverted shyte, whoa.  I struggle with eagle pose.  Phinney jumped in the pool.  We’re out, more lift props to Irvin and Debbie.  Good 4 hours sleep cuz my head’s still spinning, I check out, grab a sausage biscuit at Jack in the box, and drive back to Modesto.

I have to say it again…my high school class rocks.  We can party.

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