Futsal is fun!

We got a squad (Moist) in at the brand spankin new futsal joint in SE Portland for this season. In fact, our team had the honor of winning the very first league futsal game ever at the new arena. It was a bit of a blowout at 28-2. Not very nice, I think a few guys had some frustrations to unleash after our men’s team was crushed by PSU the day before. Really bad. I also earned the dubious distinction of being the first league injury. Yay me. Stupid toe.

Anyway, in case you didn’t know, futsal is a Brazilian sport played a lot like soccer. There are four field players and a goalie on each team. It is played on a field the size of a basketball court, indoors or out. The goals are smaller than indoor goals, somewhere around 5′ by 5′ or 6′ by 6′ but I’m not sure. The ball is somewhat different, being smaller and having less bounce that a soccer ball.

Futsal is a quick game with very close quarters. It is very tactical soccer. There are a lot of shots, and they travel hard and fast. Capitalizing on transitions is key as well.

Portland futsal is a pretty cool place. It used to be a tile factory or showcase or somesuch, and you can see the samples in the upstairs lounge where you can play PS2 FIFA Street, or watch any of the three fields in action. There are two full-sized futsal fields and a smaller field probably to be used for 3v3 or juniors play. They do not (yet?) sell beer, nor do they have ice, both being things that would’ve made my injury less painful.

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  1. I coincidentaly saw this and I’ve decided to say something about futsal. I can’t say how popular futsal is in the USA but where I come frome-Slovenia-futsal is very popular. Futsal is very attractive and fast game with fast passes and shots. Goalies are constantly under pressure-I know since I am one! Injuries are a part of it-I’ve been injured many times but I always want to play more..Futsal is a way of living..if we have nothing to do, we play futsal. We play it on our university, there are tournaments every weekend, we have really good teams in 1st Slovenian futsal league. Our national futsal team is 21st in the world and 12th in Europe (this isn’t bad if you know that the population of Slovenia is just over 2 millions):)
    So, what i’m trying to say is that keep on playing futsal cause it a lot of fun and action!

  2. Rick, I now have ice packs. Sorry it’s too late though. And the beer will come in the spring. Maybe I can make it up to you in pints. Actually, judging from this site, I’m sure I can. Peace. –p

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