Good times! Bend Brewing/Mt. Bachelor Skiing/The Grove

Just got back into town after a sweet weekend in Bend with some buddies.  Went skiing two days, and it wsa great…couldn’t ask for a better day than Saturday!  Just a nice time…a little gaming, cruising the town, and eating/drinking beyond the ski good times.

Went two two really great spots…the first was a kickass restaurant/lounge called The Grove right across the street from the Deschuttes brewpub.  I got this steak with chimichurri sauce that was out of this world.  That was Friday.  They also served up a mean Cuba Libre.
On Sunday we hit up Bend Brewing for fish and chips and some tasty rounds of beer.  We got the sampler–all of the beers were good, of note I liked the Doppelbock and Bitter, but everything was true.  The fish and chips were enjoyable and energizing after a hard day skiing.

Winter Olympics

the winter olympics are over.  I wasn’t very excited coming into it, honestly.  Mainly because there’s alway always always too much ice skating.  Way too much.  This time was way better.  I can dig speed skating, I love the skiing, the snowboarders do cool stuff, curling is a fun twist and a some ice skating is tolerable.  I got into it.  Kinda.  But anyway, good coverage this time whatever network you were!

Bode.  I guess he’s hot.  But the hype was pretty crazy.  He did just about what I expected and not as much as I’d hoped.  He’s a hotshot.  Skiis fast and hard and fearless, with love for the sport, or at least something that the sport does for him (and I’m not talking sponsorships).  He’ll win again I believe, but there’s no telling when.  If it clicks it clicks, and if not he bails awesome or DQs.  Don’t get down on the guy…he’s just doing his thing.

Apollo speedskater guy.  Way to go dude.  You kicked some ass in a pretty tough sport.  You had some terrible facial hair that I’ll probaby be seeing around way too much soon, but rock on, I don’t care.

That’s it.  Just wanted to send my props to all the athletes and the network for not bombarding me with skating.  Now do a good job with the World Cup.  thanks!