So, I’ve gotten back into skiing this winter. After a long hiatus. I’ve tried to get into it a couple times in the past, but it just didn’t take. Back in the day (very young beerdrinker through high school beer drinker), I skied a fair amount. Then college happened, and my K2 4500s just sat, and then they disappeared. I scored my dad’s old skis but operative is old. Though the Pre’s are pretty sweet with the Look bindings. I only went one or two times between 91 and ’00. In ’00 I gave it a go again, and had some fun, but then I had foot problems, and boots are torture devices as it is. Agony. Really really bad, so I hung ’em up. Then last year I was ready to give it a go again, having been to a super podiatrist and having somewhat happier feet. And there was no snow.

Now I’ve got it dialed. I’ve been twice. I’m going tomorrow, and have 8 more on the 10-pass after that. I waxed my skis for the first time tonite. That’s a tense job, having never done it before, and using the iron I got at the goodwill. I went way overboard on the ole wax, using nearly 3x the amount prescribed. oops. oh, well, it’ll come off in the refreeze groom we get tomorrow. Anyway, I’m really excited to be back into it, it’s feeling right this time. So if y’all’re into heading up to meadows sometime, or putting together a bigger trip, drop a line.

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  1. The key to using a 10-pass is to start early. I bought one a few years ago at the ski show and the season was not that good, so even with the best weekend intentions I only punched out seven times. So, for now I stick to Costco discounted coupons on three pass for Meadows.
    This year looks better so far. My daughter and I got out boarding at SkiBowl a couple of weeks ago. The night shift was fun [largest night ski area in US], and easy enough after a couple of years of break. But, I am ready for Meadows, so hopefully I will see You there soon. We will try on Christmas and/or New Year days.
    Beer at a high attitude seem to taste better and heal the wounds faster, let me know what You think…

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