GDST D-2 Champs!

My men’s team won the D-2 championship on Sunday (at the same time, the Pilots were showing UCLA a thing or two. This is pretty much the recap I sent the squad (I only mentioned goals, but we had a kickass game, and our opponents played with class…it was a good game).

Goals were tough to come by in the first half, and the sides withdrew
0-0. The second half, GDST opened flat, but didn’t allow
anything into the net. Just as I was beginning to fear a trip to the
penalty spot to decide the game, Kenny unleahed an insane goal, settling
a chipped passed with his chest and sending a half-volley from around
the 18 off the outside of his right sailing over the keeper, against the
left upright, where it bounced straight across settling against the
right net wall.

Shortly thereafter, young standout Anthony (right outside middie)
receive a beautiful ball past the defense setting him up for a 1-1
against the keeper, sending it confidently near post and out of reach.

And not settling for two, Briggs sent the ball into traffic near the 18,
a viable shot was taken by one of our middies, the deflection settling
at Alex’s feet out past the corner of the 18, and sent right back in,
burying it into the back of the net like a ringin’ a bell.

In the closing seconds of the game, Thunder! was awarded a free kick in
the red zone, threaded beautifully past the GDST wall and just out of
reach of the keeper. The last touch of the game was from the center

Final: 3-1. good guys.

GDST proceed to celebrate at Fire on the Mountain, I’d estimate a good number
pitchers of beer were consumed, one of them by the floor in a
miscommunication ending up with a table overturned, beer spilled, glass
broken, and yours truly lying on the floor still in his chair. My only
score of the season, I’d say.

The classic was, at the time of the incident Anil was at the counter
acquiring two more pitchers. While I’m still on the floor the nice
lady, confirmed “do you still want two?” which he correct, “uh, make
that one.” Well, we kept a steady stream going for another while, without incident.

Thanks to Jordan and Sara and their team at Fire on the Mountain for tolerating our noisy little gang, and for the great wings and fine beer selection! Next time I’ll call ahead, I promise!

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  1. …as the mighty beer-drinker laid sprawled on the floor, i was held speechless. but as the giant roared back to life, grabbing the nearest axe that is a pint of beer, my faith in everything that is water, hops, malt, and yeast was restored…thanks for the season GDST!!!

  2. Great job guy, You deserve it. Congratulations ! Hopefully next time we will come closer to challenging You at the last stage. Cheers

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