Winter Beer Fest

sorry, didn’t go. honestly, I don’t really like it that much. Unless you hit it early in the day, which I maybe could’ve done, the lines are horrorshow, you are elbow to elbow with everybody to the point of spilling anything more than half full, and the beers are so strong that you can only have a few…it is at the winer beerfest that I’d prefer to go with taster sizes, but refer to my comment on the lines…even with a full cup, you can finish it just waiting in line for the next. And I’m a moderate paced consumer. Think long distance runner. So instead, I went to my buddy Scott’s place for some soccer (recast of the UP women’s semifinal) viewing, a foosball tourney, and some grubbin deschuttes ESB or whatever they’re calling it now. Scott is a beer lover himself, as are the others (mosty teammates) who were there, so it was time quite well spent.

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  1. we went. you didnt miss much unless you like limited-run winter brews. a full mug of domestic brew was $4 and a taster of imported brew was $4. I had no imported that day. starting early was a good idea since it was packed by 5pm.

    viva hops.

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