Lagunitas Nuevo Noir Ale

Brown is the new black! I was quite surprised to see this brown ale lined up at New Seasons when I stopped by for ‘milk and bread’. I didn’t know that Lagunitas made a brown, even as a seasonal. Lucky me!

This one is pretty clearly done in the Belgian style, which is proclaimed loudly on the label. The bouquet is fruity, the aroma luscious, lighter than a traditional Belgian, tempered by the mild sweetness of an English Brown.

Nuevo Noir is a wonderful brew. While lacking some of the subtle layers of a true Belgian (check out Piraat or Duvel), its honest will take it far. The body is smooth, just frictive enough to slow you pour down to savor the light fruity treasure before it disappears down your throat in a trail of lightly hopped caramel. And while this ale may be a good spot for somebody willingly looking to adventure beyond Hefeweisen or Mirror Pond to explore from, it contains mysteries to please the more worldly connoseiur as well.

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