Por Que No? Porque.

I didn’t discover Por Que No. I read the review in the Mercury, and as it is my duty to check out all new taquerias, I made it down today. Located on burgeoning N Mississippi, it is across from the rebuilding center, a bit north of Fremont. Good spot. Well, good news first. They are friendly, they care about the food, the location rocks for rockers, and they cater to beer drinkers. Mexican beer, one tap consisting of Full Sail. Also, lime water and some sorta red juicy goodness. Not really any bad news, except that there’s mediocre news. The mediocre news: it’s just not that great. The homemade tortillas are nice. The chips lack salt. Easily added, but come on…do I have to do everything? The red salsa has good smoky flavor, the green is pretty plain, but neither shine. The meats were fine, and prepared with care, but nothing was inspired or better than fine. Which is a little better than acceptable. Because of the care and quality, everything is a bit expensive, $2.50 for meat or veggie, or $3.50 for fish. The fish was the winner I’d say. But you need three, and that’s $10.50, which is a bit much for taqueria lunch…throw in some lime water or a beer, and that’s a vendor lunch. After my three tacos (carnitas, asada, and pollo verde), I stopped at another taqueria for two more…admittedly, I had skipped breakfast. I definitely didn’t hate it, I was just a bit underwhelmed. I know that I’ll be back, because it’s a short crawl from the Amnesia Brewery.

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