Concordia Ale House

A new pub has blessed my little neighborhood, and I strongly recommend that you get out and check it out. Located at NE 33rd and Killingsworth in Portland, it’s in the same spot as the old Et Cetera Tavern, a chronically underperforming watering hole…now gone. The new ownership has done a fantastic job of making the place more pleasant, having given it a major facelift, a new menu, and a renewed focus on beer. I have not tried the food yet, but it looks pretty darn good, a selection similar to that of many nicer pubs…steaks and sandwiches, hot wings, salads, and such. But where the Concordia Ale House shines (other than proximity to my house!) is in its beer selection. They have 10 or fifteen beers on tap, several of which I’ve never even heard of, from craft breweries around Oregon, the US, and the World. In addition, they have a beer cooler matched only by the likes of John’s Market and the Horse Brass (and neighboring Belmost Station). It’s not just quantity, which yupster-seeking Henry’s has plenty of, it’s quality, and even more, adventure. Owner, bartender, and beer-lover Matt has put a lot of effort into capturing interesting selections representing most major beer styles. I am extremely pleased that they have moved in nearby, and you should hurry in yourself. cheers!

Updated: The Concordia Ale House is non-smoking.