notes on the Terri circus

The flippant flopping that I’ve been witnessing has been astonishing. After working so hard to save the institution of marriage from the gays who would destroy it, Republicans now seem to be working to destroy it themselves. Listening to Tony Snow this morning, he asserted that Terri was not Michael’s wife because he’d taken up with another woman, with whom he had lived, had kids, found comfort, and if that’s not marriage then what is. Well, Tony, you just described the nice couple across the street from me, who happen to be women. The convenience with which the current Republican representatives and pundits change their definitions and arguments to suit their latest need is appalling.

Why are they doing this? While I believe that the majority of ‘civilians’ who want to ‘Save Terri’ truly to mean well and are compassionate individuals, I do not believe that is why those leading the charge are beating their drums. They are making an attack on the judicial branch of government—those activist judges. What right do they have to interpret the constitution and make a judgement? The judicial branch is the piece of government that does not have party ties, no constituency, no lobbyists (or not as much). Local and federal courts (look, I’m no specialist here…please correct me if I make mistakes) and judges interpret the law, and determine how it relates to the constitution. They can overrule measures voted on by the majority of the people. And yes, that’s a good thing. There are checks and balances built into the system everywhere. Save our judges.

It is sad that Terri’s life has come to this, but we have to believe that Michael has done what he can to save her. He is her husband, despite what the definition du jour is, and we have to believe that he is acting on what he believes are her wishes. I cannot imagine that this decision has not been hard on him. If he believes that he is doing the right thing, we are in no position to question him. Really, it’s that simple. He is the husband. Loss of life is tragic, but it’s inevitable, and my heart goes out to the entire family.

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  1. We witnessed people that felt the intense need to impose their views of morality upon others. The State of Florida has laws that deal with the Terri case, and fortunately the courts did not let anyone take away the rights of Terri and her husband. It is the right of her husband that prevailed – against the President, the Congress, and everyone else that had their own agenda to exploit Terri with.

    Anyone ever notice that is was her husband that always kept this a private issue between him and his wife and doctors? I heard that while his in-laws were always making grand public displays going in and out of that facility her husband tried to stay private – going in and out the back doors (although once her tube was removed he stayed present practically full time – day and night).

    So much hate was generated by those in-laws. So many rumors against the poor husband. Now the morbid crowd demands this woman be chopped up in an autopsy, demanding their right to know the results. A frenzy of hate – and to think some in government (Republican and Democrat) were part of this frenzy to take away the husband’s rights – even to the talk of the State of Florida taking custody away from the husband. All a very scary rights issue. I’m actually surprised the laws remained intact over the power of certain groups and individuals.

    Personally I think Terri – the person, the soul – died over a decade ago. Only the body died today. I’ve seen the CT head scan and the huge amount of structure gone. Brain tissue does not grow back.

  2. This whole thing was just incredibly sad. I do think, however, that there will be an interesting ramification of this case: a split within the conservatives. While many, many conservatives are strong right-to-lifers who may believe that her life should have been prolonged, there are equally many who believe passionately in states’ rights and do NOT want to see the federal government intervene. The fact that congress got involved, even after the US Supreme Court ruled, the fact that the governor of FL pushed it into federal courts, attempting to overrule his own state’s supreme court, has rubbed many conservatives the wrong way. It’ll be fascinating to see what, if anything, comes of this affront to states’ rights.

    All that aside… godspeed to Terri. I’m glad that she can finally be at peace, and I wish all of her family peace and healing.

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