upgrade. blog. life?

ok. blog spam is a blight on my life. It’s been so bad that I haven’t even been able to look at my poor little bloggy. Well, I did the upgrade of the software and spam has not been much of a problem so far. Since I last spewed a few things’ve changed. I got a new job at a little shoe store a bit west of portland. It’s been a good time, I’ve been working a lot, but diggin it and getting things done. I also get to play soccer at lunch and do other physical activities around the place.

Another cool thing is that I’ve somehow gotten back in touch with a couple old friends. One from high school, and the other from college. Funny, they’re both ladies with what I consider to be classically boy’s names. hah. (don’t hit me!)

Anyway, my New Year’s resolution this year was ‘2005 is gonna kick ass’ and I gotta say, so far it has.

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  1. Me look for new blog. No see new blog. See new blog look with no new blog blogged. Blog diet? Blog fast? Spam bad. Blog good. Spam love blog – bad for blog.

    Will keep looking for new blog blog.

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