Iraqi Soccer Story

Soccer may actually get played over here on the Olympics TV broadcasts—prezzo has coopted their story as a massive photo-op, using it in campaign ads and speeches. Unfortunately, the team isn’t that happy about it. I’m amazed about a few things in this article. First, it’s awfully political for SI. Second, it’s awfully long for a soccer article in SI. Third, it mentions Beaverton, OR, which means that the Beav will likely get two mentions in two weeks since I hear that the winner of lady’s fencing is from there too.

He’s coming!

That’s right. Leonardo DiCaprio is coming to town. He will be accompanied by Jon Bon Jovi and some guy named John Kerry. I’m sure it’ll be a good time…remember, you need a ticket, but it’s free and all you have to do it print it out. Props P Stew for the link.

A fine experience

The lady and I went to Taqueria Nueve last night. It was excellent. We had maybe a bit more food than necessary, but the variety was fantastic. We opened it up with the ceviche and a salad with buffalo, avacado, stuff, and not too much lettuce. Both were fantastic, especially the ceviche. The they brought us out some tacos. I had the pork and chicken tacos, while the lady had a fish taco, both again were fantastic. Finally, we had enchiladas verdes con pollo. Also very good, but if we eliminated one thing it would’ve been that. In addition to the fine food, I had an absolutely magnificent beer. Hale’s Extra Special Bitter on nitro. It was like butter. Drinking air, with a light hoppiness. I’m not going to analyze it, but get over to Taqueria Nueve and order one. When mine was delivered, I took my first sip, and exclaimed a ‘holy crap!’ startling the lady at the table next to us. I followed with a ‘that’s amazing’ and a smile, but she didn’t seem too amused. There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.

Today, I’m going to go for a second run on brewing my ipa. Gonna make a few changes. I’ve changed the bittering hops from cascade to crystal for a little extra bitterness (aroma and flavor are the same). Also, I’m not going to skimp on the sugar in the bottling process (last time it came out a bit flat cuz I ran out of corn sugar and didn’t have the full amount). Then I’m also brewing with assistant Dan Dalessio instead of the Ojingo fella…just because the latter is out of town today. cheers.