Drop Top Amber

The Widmer Brothers are producing Drop Top Amber. This is an aromatic, lightly hopped amber ale with a well-rounded flavor. This beer is pleasant, but I’ve never considered it to be strikingly good. Tonite I am looking at it with a fresh and untainted eye. Weighing in at 4.85% ABV, I’d say that the Drop Top is a bit more ‘drinkable’ than several of its cousins in the amber market. It rolls across my tongue with a hint of the honey malt velvety sweetness, before effervescing into the great beyond, pleasant and discreet. The magnum bittering hops lend a light bitterness to this amber, complementing its low alcohol, medium body, and complex malt formula nicely. The aroma of this ale is a little off, and I believe that is where this beer’s weakness lies. I don’t feel that it prepares me for the flavors contained, the aroma is simple, perhaps a bit coarse, and doesn’t complement the beer on the front end very well.

Tonite I’ve gained a new appreciation for the Drop Top Amber. I am often surprised how different a beer can be between just grabbing it out of the fridge (or ordering off the tap!) and sitting down and getting a bit more intimate with it. Drop Top revealed a depth of character that I hadn’t previously recognized, and I’m happy about that. Especially since there are a few more sitting in the refrigerator. Overall, I’d say the the Widmer Brothers have done a fine job with this amber ale. Nothing exceptional, but it’s a pleasant alternative to the Full Sail that I love. And it’s nice to know that the Brother Widmer have a quality offering beyond the Hefeweizen. cheers!

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  1. Hey! It’s great to read you again! I’ve not seen you on Orblogs for a while, and sometimes blogs you used to read pass out of your consiouness without thought. I concur on the Droptop. If I have to have an amber, it will do.

  2. Nice to see you finally come around on the Drop Top. Although it didn’t fare well in our Amber beer test a few months ago, I think it is one of the better Ambers that can be found in pretty much every bar you enter.

  3. I tried Drop Top Amber at the Troon golf club in Anthem Las Vegas for the first time yesterday. I have been drinking beer all over the world for the last 25 years and this is the best tasting ale I have ever come across. Where else can I find it??!!

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