Timbers vs. Earthquakes

Last night I went and saw Portland’s beloved Timbers, an A-league soccer team, kick the crap out of the Earthquakes, one of the top MLS teams. For about 20 minutes. That’s when a horribly biased or incompetent officiating staff booked the Timbers with a red card, while simultaneously giving the Earthquakes a free goal in the form of a penalty kick…only me, Dave, and Beckham miss those. But anyway, we were rocking the quakes in terms of possession, position, shots, and similar, up until the bogus booking, and then even after that, we held a strong showing. I’m proud of the boys, they did great. Bring MLS to Portland. We had a nice little hooligan crew hangin out, watchin the game, slamming beers, and screaming at the ref, sometimes clever, often nonsensical. Too late I thought of the line, hey Landon I liked you better in Heavan Can Wait. But that’s my sad fortune. Fritz had a good one about a Holiday Inn, but I don’t remember it. At one point one of our neighbors asked us to explain one of Dave’s heckles, but it turned out that it was part of a progression of heckles over like 20 minutes and you had to keep paying attention (“hey ref! want a toothpick?”). As usual we ran into lots of friends, and then went out drinking afterwards. At the Marathon. Word, and thanks to Chris for hosting the pregame BBQ (grill-master Fritz on the blackened Wurst), and for letting me keep my bike there till I was damn well ready to pick that shyte up. Go Timbers.

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