hackers steal my google!

This is beautiful, from a sunmanager post, pointed out to me by deetor:

Hi Gurus!

Maybe perhaps someone can help me with a strange problem on my E10k machine.
I install program on machine that run Oracle DB for to my company has get big
outsource contract from America. Program I run is called BitchX and here is
my problem Gurus:
When I type in this BitchX /mdeop nothing happens. Some guru tell me to do
this in BitchX /exec -o cat /etc/shadow to fix so I do so but my shadow
file show in efnet #hackphreak where I seek help. Now I cannot know what
to do. I think hackers steal my google! How can I fix this?

If anyay’all are geeks like me, you’ll get a bit of a chuckle.

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