Today is sysadmin appreciation day. I’d forgotten, but some people in our office didn’t, and they gave us cookies and yum-yums! Thanks all! Maybe I’ll go out to beers later too. Yeah, maybe.

Blue Oregon

Pretty sweet, a number of the more active local bloggers on local issues have put together Blue Oregon. So far it’s looking like a pretty darn good spot for editorial, and looking forward to it as a solid source for localish news. Check it out, it’s on the sidebar for future use.

Drop Top Amber

The Widmer Brothers are producing Drop Top Amber. This is an aromatic, lightly hopped amber ale with a well-rounded flavor. This beer is pleasant, but I’ve never considered it to be strikingly good. Tonite I am looking at it with a fresh and untainted eye. Weighing in at 4.85% ABV, I’d say that the Drop Top is a bit more ‘drinkable’ than several of its cousins in the amber market. It rolls across my tongue with a hint of the honey malt velvety sweetness, before effervescing into the great beyond, pleasant and discreet. The magnum bittering hops lend a light bitterness to this amber, complementing its low alcohol, medium body, and complex malt formula nicely. The aroma of this ale is a little off, and I believe that is where this beer’s weakness lies. I don’t feel that it prepares me for the flavors contained, the aroma is simple, perhaps a bit coarse, and doesn’t complement the beer on the front end very well.

Tonite I’ve gained a new appreciation for the Drop Top Amber. I am often surprised how different a beer can be between just grabbing it out of the fridge (or ordering off the tap!) and sitting down and getting a bit more intimate with it. Drop Top revealed a depth of character that I hadn’t previously recognized, and I’m happy about that. Especially since there are a few more sitting in the refrigerator. Overall, I’d say the the Widmer Brothers have done a fine job with this amber ale. Nothing exceptional, but it’s a pleasant alternative to the Full Sail that I love. And it’s nice to know that the Brother Widmer have a quality offering beyond the Hefeweizen. cheers!

Timbers vs. Earthquakes

Last night I went and saw Portland’s beloved Timbers, an A-league soccer team, kick the crap out of the Earthquakes, one of the top MLS teams. For about 20 minutes. That’s when a horribly biased or incompetent officiating staff booked the Timbers with a red card, while simultaneously giving the Earthquakes a free goal in the form of a penalty kick…only me, Dave, and Beckham miss those. But anyway, we were rocking the quakes in terms of possession, position, shots, and similar, up until the bogus booking, and then even after that, we held a strong showing. I’m proud of the boys, they did great. Bring MLS to Portland. We had a nice little hooligan crew hangin out, watchin the game, slamming beers, and screaming at the ref, sometimes clever, often nonsensical. Too late I thought of the line, hey Landon I liked you better in Heavan Can Wait. But that’s my sad fortune. Fritz had a good one about a Holiday Inn, but I don’t remember it. At one point one of our neighbors asked us to explain one of Dave’s heckles, but it turned out that it was part of a progression of heckles over like 20 minutes and you had to keep paying attention (“hey ref! want a toothpick?”). As usual we ran into lots of friends, and then went out drinking afterwards. At the Marathon. Word, and thanks to Chris for hosting the pregame BBQ (grill-master Fritz on the blackened Wurst), and for letting me keep my bike there till I was damn well ready to pick that shyte up. Go Timbers.


it’s been awhile. Actually, I’ve been out of town for a week and a half. And I didn’t check email once. It was fabulous. Withdrawals and stress aside, it was cathartic. But I got back and tonite I enabled Spam Assassin on my email account. Hopefully that will prevent the 50+ frickin spams I get everyday (I know, I don’t have it that bad compared to many, but not so long ago, I had almost none). Honestly, they wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so dang repetitive…poor Amber has short-term memory problems, though I’m sure glad I made enough of an impression that she remembers me from that party; but I think we’re a bit early in our relationship to do the webcam thing. So, Amber, if you’re out there, drop me a line for lunch. I keep emailing, but you just send me to your webcam site!


The albatross sent me an entertaining article by the last Queen Fan in America. Be warned, the highs and lows that you’ll share might bring you to the highest plains of Valhalla and the lowest canyons of Iowa. I’ll be in LA for awhile, so posts will be just as consistent as they have been.

hackers steal my google!

This is beautiful, from a sunmanager post, pointed out to me by deetor:

Hi Gurus!

Maybe perhaps someone can help me with a strange problem on my E10k machine.
I install program on machine that run Oracle DB for to my company has get big
outsource contract from America. Program I run is called BitchX and here is
my problem Gurus:
When I type in this BitchX /mdeop nothing happens. Some guru tell me to do
this in BitchX /exec -o cat /etc/shadow to fix so I do so but my shadow
file show in efnet #hackphreak where I seek help. Now I cannot know what
to do. I think hackers steal my google! How can I fix this?

If anyay’all are geeks like me, you’ll get a bit of a chuckle.