Beer Hall of Fame

A bit late on this, but BiX informs us that Portland is in the finals for cities to host the permanent home of the beer hall of fame. Very cool, vote here, you may need to register first. Here’s the text that I included with my entry.

In Portland, in ways unlike any other place, beer is cherished. It is how we live, it brings us together when the weather is fine, and it keeps us together when the skies are clear. We are passionate about out porters, IPAs, lagers, stouts, pilsners, barley wines, and experiments. We aren’t prideful about our beers, consuming great quantities of Pabst and other commodity beers, but we know how
to love a great draught as well, producing some of the finest microbrews around, and giving a great many others their first opportunities to cut their teeth. The Beer Hall of Fame needs to be in Portland because Portland is the place for beer for the new age.

good luck, Portland!

4 Replies to “Beer Hall of Fame”

  1. I just called it Simple, to the point. I’m not sure how the team works or if there’s any reason to care. But try to hookup if you can.

  2. Hudepohl is a no brainer. It fits like a glove. It has everything History, central location, tons of space, river views, city view plus more.

  3. The hall of fame needs to be in Norhtern Ca. Duh, this is where the craft beer movement began. Anyone hear of New Albion, Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, Mendocino Brewing, Triple Rock. Hello!!

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