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Ah, a happy busy weekend, I tried my hand at golfing on Saturday with my buddy over at Ojingo. It was loads of fun, actually, because I found that I could this the stupid ball more than ten feet this time! I improved drastically between hole 1 and hole 9, and actually got a par 5 in 6 strokes…not bad for my third time golfing I think. After golfing, we went back to my place and started up a batch of homebrewed IPA. Still don’t have it down to a science, but this time was definitely smoother than ever before. I actually had almost everything put into one smart place so I could find it…the only problems being that I couldn’t find the airlock, and I’d left the yeast out since I bought it (more than a few days previous). This is also my first attempt as using some grain in a really long time.

And then I tried to windsurf again on Sunday. We had reserved some rental gear, and even had acquired a new windsurfing buddy who was going to take the lesson, but we got to Hood River, drove throught the marathon, and arrived at Brian’s. Unfortunately, as we’d noticed on the way over, it really wasn’t very windy. So they gave us directions to some place called Sincline for a hike and we drove over to check it out. I think we got on the wrong trail though, because the details didn’t match too well what we saw. Oh, well, we saw some nice views when the trees would break. After the hike, we went back to check the wind and see what Brian thought of the conditions, but no luck and we were back on the road again, this time driving around Mt. Hood: destination Mt. Hood Brewing for some of their fine pitchers. We had some good beer and food and cruised back down the mountain to Portland. I was actually able to get into town in time for my soccer game, which was a good thing, despite the loss. cheers!

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