Memorial Classic

Can’t believe how the week just flew by! Well, it’s been a good one. The Memorial Classic soccer tournament happened last weekend down at Delta Park. My buddies and I put together two teams to play in it– the Moist Coalition, consisting of Moist United and FC Moist. We setup camp at the far end with two canopies, tons of coolers and chairs, and plenty of sweaty fellas. But you didn’t need to know that last part. Overall, it was a great time, with everyone being super supportive of each other. The Moist United team played in the 2nd division, and did pretty well, taking 4th overall (out of 6). I thought that the team we played for 3rd was the strongest team of the tournament, and we tied them 1-1 in regulation, then lost in penalty kicks (it was me, of course, who missed the point late in the PK’s by kicking it straight dead-center). FC Moist did well also, but had some serious issues getting the ball into the net. They tied 3 games 0-0, and eventually scored their only goal in game 6. But they only allowed 3 goals throughout the tourney, so there’s something to be said for that. What a great time it was for everyone (well, me, at least!). My buddy John came came up from Fresno and played some great games. I met a lot of fun people, new footballers, and drank maybe a few more beers than necessary. cheers! And happy friday!

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  1. It was fun hanging out with you guys as a MCFC member. Watched some great ball, had many beers, and many good times. I especially enjoyed the trash-talking from the sidelines – true solidarity!

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