I got me a Utilikilt while I was working the Augie Bag tent at Pride. I like it lots, and recommend that all you guys rush on out and get some. No pics of it yet, maybe I’ll get one and toss it on for an update.

chicken cordon bleu

Does anyone have any idea why a chicken cordon bleu is called that? I found a crapload of recipes, none of which contained bleu cheese, which I would have expected, though I saw everything else from gruyere to cheddar to provolone to some crap Emeril likes that I’ve never heard of. I looked it up on babelfish, which said that cordon bleu means cordon-bleu cook. Not satisfied I went nuts and looked up the words individually. I really go the extra mile here. So, I found that bleu means blue. Figuring that cordon must be some tautology referring to a french cook, I was stunned to discover that cordon actually translates to cord. More baffled than ever now, I dwell on my sandwich. It certainly had chicken. I think the cheese in this one (at Little Wing) was Gruyere. There was some ham, and it was grilled. Nothing blue about it. Nor was it corded, served with cords, and it didn’t contain cords of any kind. So, I’m looking for help. Thank you for your support.


I’m in class the last few days and tomorrow (or today, dunno). So, it’s been quiet, but here’s a nice passage from the book I’m reading now, something nice to think on, it’s from The Colossus of Maroussi by Henry Miller.

If we could just eliminate newspapers a great advance would be made, I am sure of it. Newspapers engender lies, hatred, greed, envy, suspicion, fear, malice. We don’t need truth as it is dished up to us in the daily papers. We need peace and solitude and idleness. If we could all go on strike and honestly disavow all interest in what our neighbor is doing we might get a new lease on life. We might learn to do without telephone and radios and newspapers, without machines of any kind, without factories, without mills, without mines, without explosives, without battleships, without politicians, without lawyers, without canned goods, without gadgets, without razor blades even or cellophane or cigarettes or money. This is a pipe dream, I know. People only go on strike for better working conditions, better wages, better opportunities to become something other than they are.

cheers, and happy Friday!

two things

via albatross, an exposition of the Two Things outlook. With examples. Here’s mine. Two things about sysadmin: 1) always be ready to undo what you just did (rollback), 2) google’s responses are as wise as they are hidden…use them often and wisely. What are your two things? Make sure you say what they relate to!

Beer Hall of Fame

A bit late on this, but BiX informs us that Portland is in the finals for cities to host the permanent home of the beer hall of fame. Very cool, vote here, you may need to register first. Here’s the text that I included with my entry.

In Portland, in ways unlike any other place, beer is cherished. It is how we live, it brings us together when the weather is fine, and it keeps us together when the skies are clear. We are passionate about out porters, IPAs, lagers, stouts, pilsners, barley wines, and experiments. We aren’t prideful about our beers, consuming great quantities of Pabst and other commodity beers, but we know how
to love a great draught as well, producing some of the finest microbrews around, and giving a great many others their first opportunities to cut their teeth. The Beer Hall of Fame needs to be in Portland because Portland is the place for beer for the new age.

good luck, Portland!

krugman rocks

as usual, Krugman has interesting things to say. This timely piece regards the Reagan presidency, and some comparisons to prezzo’s. rec’d by the albatross.

beer golf windsurf

Ah, a happy busy weekend, I tried my hand at golfing on Saturday with my buddy over at Ojingo. It was loads of fun, actually, because I found that I could this the stupid ball more than ten feet this time! I improved drastically between hole 1 and hole 9, and actually got a par 5 in 6 strokes…not bad for my third time golfing I think. After golfing, we went back to my place and started up a batch of homebrewed IPA. Still don’t have it down to a science, but this time was definitely smoother than ever before. I actually had almost everything put into one smart place so I could find it…the only problems being that I couldn’t find the airlock, and I’d left the yeast out since I bought it (more than a few days previous). This is also my first attempt as using some grain in a really long time.

And then I tried to windsurf again on Sunday. We had reserved some rental gear, and even had acquired a new windsurfing buddy who was going to take the lesson, but we got to Hood River, drove throught the marathon, and arrived at Brian’s. Unfortunately, as we’d noticed on the way over, it really wasn’t very windy. So they gave us directions to some place called Sincline for a hike and we drove over to check it out. I think we got on the wrong trail though, because the details didn’t match too well what we saw. Oh, well, we saw some nice views when the trees would break. After the hike, we went back to check the wind and see what Brian thought of the conditions, but no luck and we were back on the road again, this time driving around Mt. Hood: destination Mt. Hood Brewing for some of their fine pitchers. We had some good beer and food and cruised back down the mountain to Portland. I was actually able to get into town in time for my soccer game, which was a good thing, despite the loss. cheers!

Memorial Classic

Can’t believe how the week just flew by! Well, it’s been a good one. The Memorial Classic soccer tournament happened last weekend down at Delta Park. My buddies and I put together two teams to play in it– the Moist Coalition, consisting of Moist United and FC Moist. We setup camp at the far end with two canopies, tons of coolers and chairs, and plenty of sweaty fellas. But you didn’t need to know that last part. Overall, it was a great time, with everyone being super supportive of each other. The Moist United team played in the 2nd division, and did pretty well, taking 4th overall (out of 6). I thought that the team we played for 3rd was the strongest team of the tournament, and we tied them 1-1 in regulation, then lost in penalty kicks (it was me, of course, who missed the point late in the PK’s by kicking it straight dead-center). FC Moist did well also, but had some serious issues getting the ball into the net. They tied 3 games 0-0, and eventually scored their only goal in game 6. But they only allowed 3 goals throughout the tourney, so there’s something to be said for that. What a great time it was for everyone (well, me, at least!). My buddy John came came up from Fresno and played some great games. I met a lot of fun people, new footballers, and drank maybe a few more beers than necessary. cheers! And happy friday!