bad beerdrinker

in a rash display of irresponsibility I drained all my dollars out of my checking account. Happily, I discovered that I had done so at lunch today. Mmm, chile burger, and when I discovered my problem I asked the nice waitess to ‘cancel the cheese’ to put the total below the $5 I was toting in my pocket. She was nice and said she’d cover the cheese, which puts me short for tip and cheese not (woe is me), probably because the sandwich was pretty much ready anyway. It was nice that she didn’t make a big deal, and I’ll make good. But boy did I feel like something best described in Yiddish. I think I wrote soccer leagure checks out of the wrong account or something. But I’ll tell you one thing…I’m sure regretting not forwarding that chain email.

Yay Hasser

Hasser got his car back. It’s such a violation to have you car broken into, I really feel for him. Kinda makes you feel dirty. So don’t go violating people’s sanctity by busting into their cars and trucks and houses. Better would be to say funny things to them on the bus or the street downtown. Maybe offer up a bite of your sandwich, if you’ve got one. Otherwise, just leave them alone or do something interesting. Anyway, score Hasser!

Autonomous Vehicles

okay, this is way cool. I hear that it’s featured in Scientific American, but I haven’t cracked mine yet. Twenty-some teams or more have assembled vehicles to race from SoCal to Vegas. Big whoop…right…there’s no driver, and no remote control. These things are given routes and waypoints, and it’s up to them to navigate. Way cool. The projects involve some tech and robotics firms, universities, and other groups of smarties. My fave so far is Red Team, I like their site. I wanted to like the Alaskans, but they didn’t offer anything in the way of photos, philosophy, or really anything more than a logo. Also, if anyone knows how to receive the satellite signal of the race, please, do tell.


A small Vermont resort town is move to New Hampshire instead, according to Silt, who mentions various other scenarios involving other cities and states. Makes me wonder what would happen if Portland started talking of this, and moving to Washington. It seems like everyone would be happier.


Oregon is leading the charge in more than just gay marriage. We’re also helping to keep jobs from going overseas. How? My unemployed friends are still unemployed, you may wonder. Well, your prison friends aren’t! Rather than moving call centers overseas, we’re contracting out prison workers to answer phone calls. I wonder what happens if they violate the DNC list…they’re already in jail. Cheap labor, less turnover. That sounds like a win to me. As long as it’s completely optional…leave the quilt-making to the ‘retirement’ homes, eh? One objection is that they aren’t learning a skill that will be applicable on the ‘outside’ unless they go overseas or back to prison. But my thought is that they are learning skills and discipline (some probably need it, at least!) so as long as it’s is compensated and optional, that’s great. But it needs to be treated like a job.

Yeah Portland!

Great news, same-sex marriages are now permitted in Little Beirut. I heard some dude griping about it over lunch. I’ve never heard an argument against that was remotely sensible to me. All that I could do was shake my head. I guess I could’ve said something, but I really wasn’t in the mood. Anyway, way to stay progressive Portland! And no, marriage is not weakened. If anything marriage is strengthened because now it’s even closer to being about love.

Updated :I like the last sentence above, so I stopped before I should have (?). So one thing that I’ve realized is that this is not about allowing gay marriages. What it is about is removing restrictions that should never have existed. Why? Because you don’t get to decide. It might drive you nuts, but like so many other things, you cannot rightly exert control over this. So hands off. It’s not your call. If your marriage, or your country-sentimental memory of your parents’s, is so delicate as to be weakened by this (rather than strengthened) then give it up. It is time to throw in the towel now and dedicate your time to something useful, like a barstool.

Enjoy the Play

I’ve found that I pretty much enjoy the classic plays best when I know what’s going to happen already, and am able to ride the elegantly structured language to the conclusion. Yesterday I listened to Victor Balk on Portland’s 860. His show was entirely about a question asked of John Kerry, “Do you believe God is on the United State’s side?” The answer, I never heard from Kerry’s mouth, merely Vic’s weasle-like paraphrasing, so I won’t comment on it now. If he’d answered in the affirmative, he basically give the nod to all the prezzo is doing (with the emphatic yes he couldn’t do anything but say), but obviously a no says the Kerry believes America to be a bunch of heathens. The question is so loaded, such an obvious trap. It is the focus on this question that unfolds the Republican plan to get prezzo to retain his office. Divide the country on religion. Entirely, sharply, and decisively. Expanding upon the “with us or against us” principle, they’re now espousing that you’re either “with us or against God”. This is disgusting, appalling, and ironic in ways not appreciated since the Crusades. By driving a wedge with the heinous gay marriage Constitutional Amendment, they are bringing to life a fundamentalist wet dream, dragging the water for prayer in school, the commandments, church and state separation, righteousness. This is going to get ugly. The uniter is truly dividing as firmly as he is able.

Oscar Grouching

“This is the third nomination and first Oscar for…Canada.” Beautiful. As usual the Oscars were full of ludicrousness and hijinks and whacky times watching the big hoohaas pat each other on the back. I did pretty good with predictions, only getting 3 wrong (best actor, one of the sound ones, and something else). For two I was just trying to give the whole LotR thing a rest..jesus, there’re more movies out there, what a bunch of crap. Don’t get me wrong, many of those were much deserved (director, picture, make-up, adaptaion, and more) but it everything seems a bit much. I was pulling for Bill Murray for best actor. He was fantastic in LiT, though I really like that guy from Gattaca too whose name I can never remember. But they gave it to Sean Penn, who’s come a long way since Madonna (most improved award?). I guess Bill Murray will have to settle for one of those dull Lifetime achievement segments in fifteen/twenty years.