Corner Office Suicide

Last night was something special. Other than being out far too late on a Thursday (read: Wednesday) I got to see my buddies play their first venue gig. And they rocked in a big way. Way to go Corner Office Suicide. The show was at Conan’s at 39th and Hawthorne, which is a big place. I thought the sound was pretty good…and my boys (and Sara) whooped it up quite nicely. They’ve come a long way since they played me and Dave’s party on November. Officer Friendly followed, and they rock. It was getting a bit late and a nice twist to the evening encouraged me to cruise out and hit the Watertrough. Before COS came on, I was standing around happily sipping my beer when I recognized Ben Franklin over to my left. Not THE Ben Franklin, but Hasser, whose blog I had recently discovered, and a mighty fine one at that, I must say. So we chatted it up for some time…he knew Sara from COS, but how weird, I’m just cruising his site last week when I though I’d likely run into him or his beering friends (pictorialized immortal on ye olde interweb) since they like similar venues. HASSER I yell over the nice tunes of Mr. Squiggley. And he was a bit confused. But that’s to be expected when faceless words start yelling your name in a smoky bar. Anyway, we had a good time, and Hasser, Nedra, and I closed down the Trough, which closed early on us.

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