just had to get that out I guess…been feeling all wadded up. As far as I’m concerned there are two things that win two-party elections: winning the fence sitters and motivationg your voters. Quick look at those. Sitters on the fence, they’re out there, but who’s winning them? I’d say that with the unified propaganda machine, GWB is the clear winner now. Nobody’s questioning Bush, so there must be nothing wrong…the economy’s ‘good’ unless you look at the numbers, the war’s ‘good’ according to their revisionism and propaganda, tax cuts are good, and the Dems haven’t posed a unified front…prezzo gets Everything He Wants. He’s scarily effective, I just wish that I agreed with his solutions a little. And for movitvating voters: we’re getting demolished here. The infighting, the spinelessness, the cacophony, the lack of stances except reactions. They may as well pass out yard signs that say “Stay at Home!”

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