new (to me) oregon blog, Hasservision. It’s better to write about such things than why Dean tanked, how even though I gave him money he totally lost my interest, possible an act contributed to by the A-holeness of Joe L. who sucks and should shovel sh!t at the Bush ranch. But it looks like a good time over at H.vision, so go check it out. Exhausted and defeated I managed a chuckle out of some of his stuff, which is tough for me right now…my body feels as botoxed as Kerry’s upper face looks. I’d often wondered what Botox looks like and how I can identify it, and seeing Kerry post-W tonite, it really drove it home, what this cosmetic toxin looks like. I have no idea if that’s the story about why he’s frozen like that (please leave an indignant comment for my edification) but it melds with my botoxification worldview. Beyond that, Bush was pretty clear…the state of the union is that we’re anti-queer. And teens need to pee more, especially into the government issue cups. Improving the economy one flush at a time. And the state of the union is that athletes take too many drugs. You are a deep frickin thinker.

but…I watched just a bit of the demo rebuttal afterwards. Because it blew. Badly. What’s this 100% garbage? Shut the hell up…it’s rhetoric. Don’t toss statistics at one point then be loose the next…it sounds like you’re making crap up! If I were an alien and didn’t realize that everything Bush said was other than it sounds, I would’ve turned uff the TV on the demos. Just like I did (me=non-alien!). You’re still playing the administration’s game. You’re talking garbage, and you’re totally without a platform. That’s the thing you’re supposed to be standing on. Dean, you embraced the group you built too much, and forgot to be excited. You tried to do it all in that little speech in that little state. You forgot to be controversial and you played the game, and sent me really boring emails pretty often. Hello Hasservision!

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  1. Hey Rick! I’m glad I could make you chuckle. I know exactly how you feel man!
    I just keep hoping to myself, maybe the Mars Rover will find us a candidate on Mars to defeat
    Dubya. Or least it could find one of John Kerry’s stone relatives! All I know is, I’ll
    need a few million beers after this election year!! – Hasser

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