Minneapolis Gets it Together

Minnesotans constitute one of my favorite subcultures. Most of the Minnesotans that I’ve met have been really decent people, maybe even all of them. So, it makes me wonder, when I see things like this if maybe we aren’t the ones with the wrong idea. I mean, the entire city of Minneapolis can’t be all wrong. At first it seemed ludicrous, that such a good people would have this bizarre drinking problem, but then I stepped away from the problem. Perhaps it’s a protest. Or maybe a statement. Perhaps it’s cleansing or conservationist, or somehow brings the community together. Could such behavior be good for the soil? It’s a mystery, but such possibilites warrant further investigation. (Link via abrichar)

Corner Office Suicide

Last night was something special. Other than being out far too late on a Thursday (read: Wednesday) I got to see my buddies play their first venue gig. And they rocked in a big way. Way to go Corner Office Suicide. The show was at Conan’s at 39th and Hawthorne, which is a big place. I thought the sound was pretty good…and my boys (and Sara) whooped it up quite nicely. They’ve come a long way since they played me and Dave’s party on November. Officer Friendly followed, and they rock. It was getting a bit late and a nice twist to the evening encouraged me to cruise out and hit the Watertrough. Before COS came on, I was standing around happily sipping my beer when I recognized Ben Franklin over to my left. Not THE Ben Franklin, but Hasser, whose blog I had recently discovered, and a mighty fine one at that, I must say. So we chatted it up for some time…he knew Sara from COS, but how weird, I’m just cruising his site last week when I though I’d likely run into him or his beering friends (pictorialized immortal on ye olde interweb) since they like similar venues. HASSER I yell over the nice tunes of Mr. Squiggley. And he was a bit confused. But that’s to be expected when faceless words start yelling your name in a smoky bar. Anyway, we had a good time, and Hasser, Nedra, and I closed down the Trough, which closed early on us.

Halford Wants It

via rayray…Dio for America. As a bit of a rocker type myself, I am fond of Dio and see him as a breath of fresh air for the Party of his choice. From his brilliant performances with Sabbath to Holy Diver and beyond (to where…?) I’m with you man, I’ll ride in that van.

Middle class economy

Calpundit expresses so clearly this concept that I’ve been trying to verbalize, about how the middle class is fundamental to the economy, and job growth there is the true indicator. He only hints at (in this article) the wanton destruction by prezzo of the middle class in his tax cuts and elimination of goverment services and regulation. I believe that the middle class is largely driven by the existence of goverment jobs…perhaps not driven, but anchored. Good benefits, a living wage, and employment for the educated and hard-working. It is fundamental, it is the flywheel of the economy. You can try to energize the flywheel all you pretend to like, through tax cuts and deregulation, but if you destabilize the wheel, it’ll quit turning for you, it won’t carry the momentum forward. Then he mentions one of my peeves, I’ve mentioned many times…Wal-Mart. It’s excusable to drive an SUV (somewhat, sometimes), it’s excusable to not buy local or even from chains, but Wal-Mart is inexcusable. They treat their employees like garbage. They spread like an STD, Wal-Mart is a blight. They homogenize your life. And they will assimilate you. It’s never too late to stop buying at Wal-Mart…except for tomorrow. Only shop at Wal-Mart if you’d be happy with a Wal-Mart job. And if you don’t need choices. And you despise your independent store-owner neighbors. Any of them, because Wal-Mart will destroy them all if you’re not careful. Ooops, I let that one get away. cheers.

Hello World

The ubiquitous Hello World is getting a new twist with this frickin virus. Watch out for emails that are Subjected Hello, Hi, hi, or nothing. Those are what I’ve seen…at about every minute or two now. Oh, and I’m seeing bounces saying they’re from me, they’re not. Really. It’s quite annoying, so please don’t open those emails. I beg of you. I don’t need more garbage. Between the spam and the viral clogging I wonder if this stuff isn’t put out by the USPS in an effort to make email so annoying as to be ineffective. dunno.

Mars or Bust

This stuff is so cool. We’ve put A couple of really nifty toy cars on another planet. While we’re still in the stone age of interstellar travel, this is pretty huge, even though we did it before some 6 years ago. Each time, we overcome new obstacles, learn new information, and feel new victories. When was the last time that we, as a country, had something that we could collectively be excited about? We lost the international American Idol…and other than some people getting off on recent tragedies and travesties, I think it’s been since the space shuttle. There’s something about conquering space that captures the imagination and inspires people. Let’s keep these programs rolling, and despite the fact that athletes on steroids are more of a nation-wide issue than pride and achievement, we need to get the space program onto the national agenda.

wax on

I’m posting this for my buddy Travis who doesn’t read this, so you all have to suffer for absolutely nothing. But I just saw that Feb. 28 is the Lebowski Fest in Las Vegas. I don’t know if Travis bowls or not, but that’s not what matters. I don’t know if he’s seen the movie (I’m sure he has), but that’s not what matters. What matters is that The Jesus’s bowling partner will be there, and that they’re serving white Russians. Beautiful.


just had to get that out I guess…been feeling all wadded up. As far as I’m concerned there are two things that win two-party elections: winning the fence sitters and motivationg your voters. Quick look at those. Sitters on the fence, they’re out there, but who’s winning them? I’d say that with the unified propaganda machine, GWB is the clear winner now. Nobody’s questioning Bush, so there must be nothing wrong…the economy’s ‘good’ unless you look at the numbers, the war’s ‘good’ according to their revisionism and propaganda, tax cuts are good, and the Dems haven’t posed a unified front…prezzo gets Everything He Wants. He’s scarily effective, I just wish that I agreed with his solutions a little. And for movitvating voters: we’re getting demolished here. The infighting, the spinelessness, the cacophony, the lack of stances except reactions. They may as well pass out yard signs that say “Stay at Home!”


new (to me) oregon blog, Hasservision. It’s better to write about such things than why Dean tanked, how even though I gave him money he totally lost my interest, possible an act contributed to by the A-holeness of Joe L. who sucks and should shovel sh!t at the Bush ranch. But it looks like a good time over at H.vision, so go check it out. Exhausted and defeated I managed a chuckle out of some of his stuff, which is tough for me right now…my body feels as botoxed as Kerry’s upper face looks. I’d often wondered what Botox looks like and how I can identify it, and seeing Kerry post-W tonite, it really drove it home, what this cosmetic toxin looks like. I have no idea if that’s the story about why he’s frozen like that (please leave an indignant comment for my edification) but it melds with my botoxification worldview. Beyond that, Bush was pretty clear…the state of the union is that we’re anti-queer. And teens need to pee more, especially into the government issue cups. Improving the economy one flush at a time. And the state of the union is that athletes take too many drugs. You are a deep frickin thinker.

but…I watched just a bit of the demo rebuttal afterwards. Because it blew. Badly. What’s this 100% garbage? Shut the hell up…it’s rhetoric. Don’t toss statistics at one point then be loose the next…it sounds like you’re making crap up! If I were an alien and didn’t realize that everything Bush said was other than it sounds, I would’ve turned uff the TV on the demos. Just like I did (me=non-alien!). You’re still playing the administration’s game. You’re talking garbage, and you’re totally without a platform. That’s the thing you’re supposed to be standing on. Dean, you embraced the group you built too much, and forgot to be excited. You tried to do it all in that little speech in that little state. You forgot to be controversial and you played the game, and sent me really boring emails pretty often. Hello Hasservision!