no time

very busy lately…work’s been demanding, preparing for wedding, soccer’s been nuts, the beer festival (as a consumer) was pretty engaging, an so on and on, so light blogging lately and the near future.

funky day

cpr and AED (automated external defibrillator) training today in the office so did that instead of interesting posts. Also listened to the Rogue Hour this morning, pretty good stuff, I’ll tune in again next week. And the beer fest is this weekend, so I’ll be downing a pint or 2. or so. I expect to see all my favorite blogland friends down there, brett, emma, fred, rob and have no idea which you are. How fun, eh?

conservative characteristics

via TBOGG, an article which describes research into the underlying psychological characteristics of conservatives. Funny, the points apply pretty directly to our current prez. They also explain a lot about the national (local is generally owned nationally too) media, if you care to note that so much of its reporting is designed to instill fear and oversimplify complex problems.

republican viewpoint

Last night, I was listening to the strongly Republican-slanted liberal media, a local station (normally it’s satellite, but not my car) and heard the following snippets…loosely quoted, but pretty close to what was said.

Shawn Steele (CA Republican party chair): speaking of the democrat presidential hopefuls, how they’re a bunch of nobody’s who will embarass the democratic party. In the next sentence, regarding the recall of Gray Davis, and how he’s not sure what they’re going to do now that [arnold] Schwarzenegger has [likely] withdrawn.

I found this staggeringly hilarious. I can envision him bowing out of the race (is that what you call this thing…it’s more like jackals stalking prey)…”and while I will continue to be the brawn of the Grand Ole Party, I will not pursue the role of the brains this time around. Thank you for your support, and I tell you this in all seriousness….I’ll be back.” But the really funny part was the juxtaposition of his statements, and how serious he was that an action star is a much greater candidate than Dean or Kucinich. Without my seatbelt I may have fallen out of my seat.

The Rogue Hour

Check out “The Rogue Hour” Friday morning 9am-10am on KBOO. Emma and BigAir Fred and some others have put together a radio program, and I’m sure it’ll be up to their high standards. I plan to be listening over the interweb. These are two of the best Oregon local bloggers, full of great info and arguments and rants and such, so I’ll expect a lot from their radio project 😉

Jever Pilsener

Jever is a town in northern Germany, home to the Friesian Brewery. They have been around since 1848 and brew a pilsener called Jever. I found Jever, while sitting on a balcony in Hamburg overlooking a farmer’s market, to be slightly sweet and pretty bitter–a contrast both crisp and refreshing. The beer itself is gold and clear, with a silght amber tint. The beer has a medium body with light carbonation, giving it a very liquid sensation. Jever is a fine beer for outdoor drinking on a hot day, and especially fine for cooling off after sports or labor.

sometimes I freak myself out

embarked on this little mental exercise: “imagine the world without google.” The freaky part was when I moved from going forward to backward. When I came out of my space-out I shuddered.

Losing sight

It’s amazing, the spin that can be put onto an observation. With the ‘just sixteen little words’ stance, the right-wing spin has been that ‘oh, how can you point to those sixteen words and say that we went to war based on them?’ It’s really frustrating to see people gettting sucked into the sixteen words argument, because that’s not what it’s about at all. This particular statement is more a fulcrum than a lever. What it is indicating is not that we went to war based on lies, but that the Bush administration was scraping for every little shred of evidence to justify going to war and occupying Iraq.

Let’s step back a bit and remember the opposition to the war in the first place. It was on principles far more lofty than the veracity of this statement can ever aspire to. The fact that it was false, and stated like so many other words of this administration with the intent to mislead and manipulate, supports the idea that people within the President’s administration had war as a goal for which they sought support (top-down), not as the necessary conclusion of a body of evidence. Do not fall into the subtle tactical traps of the republican spinners, be sure that you do not weaken the original rights.

Local Boy Does Good

Sean over at Ojingo Blog has written a nice bit on My Presidential Life. It’s a good little piece, and I’m particularly pleased because it seems partially inspired by my come again? post. yay. Oh…and we appear to be having a bit ‘o trouble with the anchor links so you may need to scroll down a bit to get to his…it was on the 15th.

Update: permalinks happy now. No scrolling necessary! I’m still trynig to figure out if my simple method is ‘clean’ but it worked, so I’m happy.