Germany status

okay…I’m getting close to done putting the fotos onto internetland which means that there’ll be something to link to for the little stories I’ll be posting, so those’ll be appearing soonish. It should all be in the gallery though. phew!


Hello! I’m back from Germany, so now begins the process of transcribing notes to blogland and getting hundreds (including a few good ones!) of photos online. Well soon. I have to work first though. The quesion in my mind before I begin is, should I timestamp them as they’re posted, or as they happened, is there a precedent on that for blogging?

Beers with Niki

We went out Friday night with Flo´s brother Niki and his friend Malte for some beers. He took us to the Gröninger brauhaus, a quaint and beautiful ´brewpub´ across the avenue from the famed Chilehaus (for its architecture…it has nothing to do with the chiles I thought). The brauhaus is just under ground level, darkly lit by candles and yellow lamps. We felt fortunate to get a seat immediately on a Friday night. We walked past huge copper brewing eqipment to our seats.

We sat and the waitress asked if we would like beers, to which the four of us replied in the affirmative in varying degrees of Deutsch. I was surprised when she walked away and returned shortly with four .2 liter steins. Gröninger only comes in one flavor, even when it comes in two. The Gröninger Pils is very good, a light and rich German Pilsener, not heavy on the hops, but its mellow bitter melds wonderfully with the golden malt. They are proud of the natural cloudiness of their beer, which I attribute to its not being filtered, but really couldn´t explain for sure.
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I was ill the first few days here…I guess a relapse of my previous cold brought on by not enough sleep and recycled air on the airplane…the lady next to me was such an active sleeper, ugh. But I just slept a whole lot and got past it, though the daytrip to Bremen was not so fun because of it. I hid out in a church and tried to rest until it closed, wandered about and fell asleep on a park bench in a light rain, then found my way into a cafe or two for shelter until the ride showed up.

Bremen is a beautiful city. As I implied, much of it was lost on me because I felt like crap, but there were some very neat old buildings, mainly old homes of fisherman. By old, I mean older than the USA. We wandered around there trying to find a cafe not infested by tourists in the maze of streets, and succeeded eventually. There was a rally of some sort or another…live music on the streets of a hiphop sort, a lot of signs that seemed to protest something, quite a going-on.

Hallo von Deutschland!

It´s been good times and good beers so far here in Germany. Internet access has been sporadic so I (obviously) haven´t been running the travel log I´d hoped for. Plus I can´t seem to upload fotos so those won´t be online till I get home.

Last evening I got to go to soccer practice with Flo and his team. It was much fun, and good to see that they aren´t so different than here in the states, wasting no time in getting to drinking and smoking afterwards.