It’s been a rough week of soccer…last night was the third game in a row, and those were preceded by a night of broomball insanity. I was feeling pretty sore and even a bit fatigued before the game. No time to stretch, out on the field, about ten minutes in I stretch for a high ball, make contact for the shot, and , I feel my hamstring go. On the side, my thoughts migrated from pulled muscle (annoying) to torn tendon (pretty bad) as I found that the back of my knee was smooth where I expected stuff to be. I left and went home to ice it, on the way deciding to go to the hospital. Nedra took me to Providence, where the nice people got me in, and explained that a torn tendon will take 8-10 weeks out of my summer to heal, with 6-8 in a knee immobilizer, followed by physical therapy. ugh. Sad and scared, I eventually got to see Heather the N.P. and after some low-tech tests told me that the tendon was intact, I just had a good strain and a charlie horse, and so on. So happy, yay.

But being in the hospital, faced with being injured the whole summer got me thinking. It was almost one of those ‘What am I going to do with my life’ sorta periods. Like, what are the transitions that need to happen. How do I find them. What opportunities have I missed, and how do I avoid missing them in the future. What is really important, and how do I get to put my time into that, and open up even more doors. Perhaps I was just making lemonaid from the lemons, but I was actually looking forward to the time of introspection that I was being forced into. Since I was fortunate and don’t have it coming, I am thinking of ways to emulate that frame of mind, and to do the things that I was sad about missing out on. One of those second chance things.

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