Portland Metro hits bigtime!

While not my local Home Depot, the one located in Clackamas may be becoming my regular stop for home maintenance bulk runs. And I’ll have to start doing the maintenance in the morning, around breakfast time. At least do the equiment and supplies runs then. That has nothing to do with the Krispy Kreme opening up in front of the store there. I’d been giving serious thought to changing Home Depots anyway. I like to drive extra distance, especially if it’s to Clackamas.

After all the Tolkien and Star Wars hoopla for their openings here in the Northwest, I can only hope that this event receives similar attention. I’d love to see people living out of tents alongside the contractors preparing the building, perhaps even lending a hand to be safe and sure that KK makes its date for its Portland debut. People dressed as giant doughnuts, dripping glaze…maybe a glowing yellow Homer Simpson coming to reclaim his soul doughnut. This would be a perfect time to pull out the Jar-Jar costumes too. Krispy Kreme opening their doors here will help to get Portland back on the map. Our economy may be in the shitter, and our schools may be closing, but at least we can keep the kids fed with the finest, and the elite may even get jobs at Krispy Kreme themselves. It’s good to know that a giant like Krispy Kreme has faith in Portland enough to invest in our future.

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