Full Sail Equinox 1

Emma at the Oregon Blog let me in that the County Cork has Equinox ESB on tap. I’d seen this one around here and there, but it was replaced as Full Sail’s spring seasonal. I’d been meaning to get there for a few days, seeing that the County Cork is in my neck of the woods and I hadn’t been there since I was a smoker, which turned me off to the place due to its clean atmosphere. We were turned away at the door. The place closes at 11:00, and we’d arrived at 11:15. But the sad look in my eyes wended its way into the heart of the wonderful bartender, and when I explained that we were on a mission for the Equinox the pagan in her opened up the door.

The fellow at the bar, Seamus, commended our selection of the beer. He was halfway out of a pint of Equinox himself. I pulled back a few swallows, admiring the spicy flavor, the deep hoppiness, and the full flavor. this is a tasty beer I thought to myself, as I said similar words to Seamus. I sqeezed myself into the church pew, and sat down to enjoy this ESB, promising to be a tasty experience. Sadly, as I got further into the glass, I noticed a funk about the beer. A strong skunkiness pervaded, the heavy aroma filling the growing empty portion of the English pint. Always resourceful, I started evacuating the fumes by nose-exhaling before taking my drink. Still, it was a scrumptious pint and I’ll be sampling it around, one skunked keg isn’t the end of the world, and this is a beer with obvious potential. And I’ll be back with tales of future encounters with it.

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  1. Wow, you actually checked it out! Co-ool. So then, the next thing I have to say is: the County Cork got rid of its Beamish tap!

    For the afficiando of Irish stout, Beamish is the finest. Heartier than Guinney, better in all ways than feeble Murphey’s, Beamish is the geek’s stout. And not only that: IT’S BREWED IN COUNTY CORK, IRELAND.

  2. you ask the tough questions Emma! Can’t say that I’m too versed in Swedish Ales…but I will go try some out shortly, maybe after the meetup tonite.
    Right now, my instinct when I order a pint is for an IPA, roughly ordered Terminal Gravity, Lagunitas, Bridgeport for the top 3, then I like to mix it up with others, but nothing has approached these. I’ll put up a full post on my beer preferences.

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