Old Dominion Lager

This is a light but complex lager, a lovely golden color with a hint of amber. Very easy drinking, which is nice, but I may finish the glass before I finish this review. The head persists as a thin film of fine bubbles, pervasive and fine. The flavor strikes me somewhere between a Pilsner Urquell and Dos Equis, but turned down a few clicks. A pleasant taste lingers slightly, urging one to take another swallow.

The Old Dominion Brewing Company is in Ashburn, VA, and was founded in 1989. They are currently at a 26,000 barrel annual capacity, with plans to expand to 100,000. This beer has received awards from some dubious sources, such as
Men’s Health, but I enjoy it so either my standards are a little low or this is a pretty tasty beer.

Overall, this one is quite easily enjoyable. It would be fantastic after a day out digging in the yard or after skiing, but like any decent beer, can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

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