Indignant Talkers

All around, people are becoming more and more indignant about this war. It’s astounding, the way in which war supporters are taking arms against people who question or questioned it. The animosity towards France is pretty severe, elevating far beyond Freedom Fries and returning the Statue of Liberty.

The positions that I find truly amazing are those that scorn the Iraqis as dirty cheating law-breaking fighters. What an arrogant, hypocritical stance this is. We are invading their country illegally, without the support of the UN, with a vastly superior fighting force, with weapons of mass destruction at our disposal, as well as uncountable quantities of weapons of significant destruction. We have gone into their home uninvited, and expect them to roll over and die, or hand over the deed. I don’t support chemical and biological weapons (obligatory I am not a terrorist clause), but how can we expect these people to play by our rules when they have absolutely no hope of winning and everything to lose.

It is so obvious that oil is playing a significant role in this war. Later on, the Bush people began citing reasons such as Saddam kills his own people, and linking him to 9/11, which as far as I can tell has zero basis in reality, and other issues of paranoia and morality. Now that the Iraqis are torching the oil wells, they cite the environmental damage of burning wells. That’s pretty funny, I suppose Bush wants to do something other than burn the oil. Well at least he can carry his prevent forest fires logic of cut down the trees over to the Middle East, since you can’t burn wells that have been pumped dry and used to fill the coffers of his constituents. But to hear the radio personalities speak, that this grave injustice of burning oil that is the bounty of these people is being perpetrated, I just wonder what motivations they have, and who controls those motivations.

On the local front, I see at rantavation that fire trucks have been ordered to remove American flags from their trucks. The reason sited is fear of peace activists. This is totally absurd. They are using the stature of firefighters in the eyes of the country (post-9/11) as a weapon, and that is wrong. Indignace, indeed! If I were a firefighter under this jurisdiction I would laugh and put up a larger one. Expect to see the concept of patriotism being used as a weapon more and more…no newsflash, the blade was honed a year-and-a-half ago, but the bounds of this are larger than thought possible.

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