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Wow, active day today. Well, my buddy Sean has started blogging also, so welcome aboard man. In one of his latest articles, he explores some controversial ideas about whether or not it is logically and morally consistent to support the troops and the war in this case, and I’m not speaking of the correct yet vaporous ‘Support our troops, bring ’em home’ slogans. He raises some valid but incomplete points on this. Of course, I say incomplete, because I don’t agree.

One point that I do believe that he misses is that the emphasis on supporting troops is purely a reaction to pro-war accusations and reminders of the atrocious behavior towards the drafted troops returning from Vietnam. In the first Gulf War, pro-war pundits scored big points with their audience by spewing this rhetoric, though there was never any doubt about general support. Now, anti-war messages nearly always qualify themselves that they support troops. This is reactionary pandering to the Hannity’s of the world. It needs to stop. Send your own message. The troops are there by choice, send a care package. The issue isn’t about supporting our troops, don’t play their game.

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  1. Interesting… I didn’t see you taking the idea sideways like that. So you’re saying, it’s not a pro-troop vs. not-pro-troop (it’s sounds strange when you say that) argument. It’s about sticking by your own morals and perspectives rather than pander to a pointless and circular argument?

  2. From Tom Tomorrow, this link illustrates the bullshit rhetoric that comes from these people, and how little there words mean. freakin jerks, I can’t believe that anyone can support the horrible horrible people on the right and in the power right now. Totally unacceptable. Who’s supporting troops now?

  3. Well, Rick I believe you need to rethink where you get your information from. You really believe our troops are there by choice? Now that is funny! You really think our troops want to leave the comforts of their own home, leave their families – children, mothers, fathers, husbans, wives, fiance’s, and other loved ones, give up everything they have here to go fight someone else’s war? That is BULLSHIT! My fiance has been in Iraq a month now, he joined the National Guard to help pay for school and because he felt as if it was his duty to join. I would like to see you over there risking your life, living in a tent, having children beg you for food… how pathetic it is that my future husband and thousands of other men and women are over there helping protect the rights of an imbecile like you so you are able to get on the internet and talk trash about them.

  4. sorry andrea, I think that you missed my point. I feel for every one of them. I am strongly opposed to this war, and have been ever since it was obvious that prezzo had set his sights on the Iraq and was driving straight into a war. If you check the date, this was written just under a year ago. At that time troops were primarily enlisted troops. It is an atrocity that reserves and national guard are being used in a war of choice. However, you’d have to rant hateful things at me for quite some time before you got me to believe that the mess your future husband is in has anything to do with my freedom or ability to access the internet. My hearty goes out to you, him, and all of the soldiers and their families. All I can hope now is that someone gets to make decisions that work for the best interests of all parties involved.

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